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St. Joseph College  McEntegart Hall, 222 Clinton Ave 

Clinton Hills, Brooklyn, NY  11205  347-787-0435

We Have It All @

St. Joseph College!

Build & Take-Home Your Own Robot

Build and Take-Home Your Own Laptop


Game Design

Culinary Arts


3-D Modeling & Animation

Mobile App Development

Building Smart Devices

Kitchen Chemistry




Mad Science

Personal Spa Science

Electronics & Physics

Roblox:  Monetizing Game Design




Outdoor Games

​LEGO® Parties

Free Time

Talent Show/Theatre

Game Day

Fashion Design

Aerospace Engineering in Virtual Reality

Extended Hours

Flexible Schedule



Professionally trained, adult staff

Limited Grants Available

​Payment Arrangements Available

Saturday Weekend classes to be held at

The Berkeley Carroll School

beginning Fall, 2019.

Pre-Registration Now Open for Early Grants.

STEAM Super Summer Camp!

Life-changing full- and half-day programs providing challenging STEAM enrichment courses, fun recreational sports and games, time to simply relax and enjoy summer - all presented in a highly supportive, interactive, hands-on environment. 

From elementary through high school, The Learnatory summer programs encourage college-bound kids to explore academic areas of interest and connect with a community of peers.

Our staff of professional adults with strong expertise in their fields make the STEAM Super Summer Camp a well-rounded, safe, enjoyable time to meet new friends and learn new things!

STEAM Super Summer Camp!