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I was asked in 1988 by the world renown Political Scientist Howard Zinn, author of A Peoples History of the United States, “What would be the most important political issue in the world in the future?”

Now, having been a student at many different, yet prestigious, institutions of learning and the son of an educator, I answered “Education.” This answer was predicated on the fact that if you want to keep a people and a country in chaos, simply mis-educate them and your work will do itself.

But, if you want to produce a thriving, vibrant, and productive society, give them all a full and equal education where all views of history are explored and analyzed and all facets and styles of learning are fostered and appreciated. The Learnatory, started in 1978 in Chicago, Illinois by then Ms. Debra Eileen Brown, did just this and I believe will do it again.

Michael Copeland, Learnatory Student, 1978 - 1981 Read Full Story


Our Impact

Since 1978, The Learnatory has served over 12,000 youth and teens in

Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Through the design, development, and delivery of programs and interdisciplinary activities, The Learnatory has sought to permeate the minds of young people with the curiosity to explore, the confidence to discover, and the character to lead with excellence. ​​


“To prepare humanity for the next 100 years, we need more of our children to learn computer programming skills, regardless of their future profession. The ability to program is going to define what an educated person is.”  Salman Khan, Founder, Khan Academy

The Learnatory’s signature approach to STEAM education provides a pathway which guide students and families through the journey of intellectual growth, academic enrichment, and college preparation to a wide range of STEAM fields. We take an interdisciplinary approach to STEAM which also recognizes each field as critical for today’s society.



Since 1978, The Learnatory has been serving the youth and teens of urban communities in an effort to better prepare them for 21st century colleges, careers and entrepreneurial opportunities. 






““Studying mathematics not only will develop more engineers and scientists, but also produce more citizens who can learn and think creatively and critically, no matter their career fields. “


        Our Partners

             The Learnatory appreciates support from partners to drive our work. 

              Based on thoughtful conversation with your organization, we’ll

              develop a customized partnership to direct your donation to initiatives

              and programs that target a specific field or provide general support. 


              If you make a commitment to generally support The Learnatory, your

              funding will go toward our overall operation and management of our

              programs helping students toward academic success and meaningful

             summer experiences.


“Engineering calls for children to apply what they know about science and math—and their learning is enhanced as a result. Because engineering activities are based on real-world technologies and problems, they help children see how disciplines like math and science are relevant to their lives. “

Museum of Science, Boston 




“Fostering creativity helps your child develop mentally, socially, and emotionally.”

Lisa Ecklund-Flores, Church Street School for Music and Art

The Learnatory provides the tools, resources, and tailored recommendations to construct solid Pathways for college-bound students in 3rd through 10th grades.  We predict what learners need and want, and design a personalized Pathway to college.

We focus on preparing students for the high-demand fields of Science,

Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics identifying

opportunities to make those Pathways possible.​​


Pass a love of learning through generations.

Develop a pipeline of talent that continues to teach the values of excellence and lifelong learning.

Ingrain a sense of responsibility and commitment to give back.

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            Held At:

             The Berkeley Carroll School

             181 Lincoln Place

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Our Programs


“For young learners, science is just an extension of their everyday world. We don’t have to teach young children how to wonder, discover, and explore through play because they do it naturally.”

Steve Spangler-- teacher, speaker, author, and Emmy-award winning television personality


Learnatory students are educators, attorneys, physicians, and even government officials who have assumed positions of leadership. Through our guidance, motivation, and goals of academic excellence -

not mediocrity - Learnatory students, regardless of their stations in life, realize the true value of education and becoming lifelong learners.


     Our Mission

        As a non-profit 501c3 tax-exempt educational organization,       

        The Learnatory exists to educate, engage, and empower young

        people to attend and excel in college especially in the diverse

        and interdependent world of Science, Technology, Engineering,

        the Arts, and Math (STEAM). 


        Our Promise

        We are committed to helping students develop the skills,

        attitudes, and plan aimed at acceptance into top high schools and

        colleges by providing insightful analysis, rigorous enrichment,

        and personalized guidance.

        We are committed to helping families identifying resources to

        help pay for college.


​Michael Copeland

The Importance of Educational Programs Like the Learnatory