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Know your child's level of Eligibility:  Emerald, Aqua, Sapphire 

To check your child's Eligibility Level, click here.

2.  To apply online, click here.


When completing the Application, there will be four (4) sections to complete:

   -  Registration Fee

   -  Assessment

   -  Tuition

   -  Supply Fee

You will be asked to put in your child's information in each section.

You will be charged a processing fee based upon the total amount due.

Be sure to indicate your preferred Assessment Date(s).

​If you have questions or problems with the application, please call Customer Service at 347-787-0435.

Two (2) Ways To Apply for Pathway Classes of Your Choice:

1.  To apply through Email or FAX

     -  Click here to print an Application

     -  Email as an attachment to Register@thelearnatory.org


     -  FAX to 347-787-0435 


     You will be sent an Invoice for the amount due. Payment will be made through 

     Wave or Stripe.

     There is a $35 processing fee.

​Be sure to indicate your preferred Assessment Date(s).