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Assessments & Diagnostics

The Learnatory administers research-validated assessments to every child admitted to the program.  The assessments identify academic levels and skill sets in math, reading, and spelling.  Additional assessments measure STEAM areas of interests and intellectual strengths to help guide academic development and personal growth.   

Assessment results are discussed with the parent and child along with educational goals and expectations.  The information is used to tailor a STEAM-focused Personalized Educational Program (PEP) identifying strengths, deficiencies, and interests. 

The PEP is used as a map to navigate the road to matriculation at competitive high schools and colleges.  They also connect parents and  students to resources and opportunities for the college-bound student.  

The following are administered as part of every Learnatory Pathway, where grade level appropriate:

Interests Inventories

  • STEAM Interest Inventory
  • MAPP Career Interest Inventory

Diagnostic Assessment, Evaluation & Analysis

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Spelling

Prescribed Educational Program 

(Recommended STEAM Pathways & Classes)

College Admissions Coaching

(Recommended College Admissions Preparation - Grades 6th - 8)

A full Analysis & Evaluation Report is prepared about each student for the parent.

STEAM Summer Camp!