STEAM Super Summer Camp!

Certificates of Achievement

Certificates of Achievement are awarded for meeting project requirements in a class ​and presentation in the Performance Showcase.  

Certificates of Achievement are awarded for each class successfully completed.

Certificates of Excellence

Certificates of Excellence, special, verified, and gold-sealed, are  awarded to students who complete the

Learning Path. These gold-sealed Certificate of Excellence are verified by photo ID and recorded in our

permanent database for future reference.  They are useful for inclusion with:

  • applications to selective high schools
  • college admissions applications  (some courses have been accepted for up to 1/2 college credit)
  • applications for employment to prospective employers who may wish to verify competency in a

          specific skill area

  • coursework accepted by some schools as extra credit and course credit​

Fun Learning Thru Comprehensive Teaching

High-energy, enthusiastic teachers make our classes engaging, enlightening,and empowering!  But our comprehensive, proprietary tools ensure students really get a strong foundation in S.T.E.A.M., too!


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