STEAM Summer Camp!

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SCRATCH, Python & the Raspberry Pi 
Learn how to create incredible projects constructing and programming a credit-card size computer called Raspberry Pi.   Come explore the world you built and see the power of your programming skills in SCRATCH. Learn to program in Python, a powerful language used by sites like YouTube and Dropbox. 

Field:  Software Design, Advanced Coding

Amazing Robotics!
While learning concepts to design, create, and engineer a functional robot, skills include programming, ultra sound, light, touch, and other robotic sensors plus the basics of motors, gears, sensors, batteries, programming and assembly of mechanical and electrical devices.  Robotic skills are applied in several exciting events!  Students build and take home their own Robots!

Field:  Mechanical Engineering, Coding

Rockin’ Robotics! 
Engineering principles become second nature in learning the concepts to design, create, engineer, and program a robot.   The basics of motors, gears, batteries, assembly of mechanical and electrical devices are explored with the programming of light sensors.​  Projects include building and exploring solar and mechanical robots.  Students build and take home their own Robots!

Field:  Mechanical Engineering, Coding

Robotics and the Internet of Things
Amaze yourself by applying serious science and learning concepts to design, create, and engineer a functional robot.  You will be exposed to the basics of motors, gears, sensors, batteries, programming and assembly of mechanical/electrical devices.  Projects include programming, ultra sound, light, touch, and other robotic sensors.  Students prepare personal robots for group events and competitions.  Then, apply the use of a microcomputer to program your robot to function via the Internet. This technique is used today in every smart device from home security systems to turning on a car from the house.  Explore the exciting World of Telecommunications!  
Students build and take home their own Robot and Mini-Computer.

Field:  Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Coding

Marble Machines
Join the team in building a creative ball-run contraption made form familiar materials, designed to send a rolling marble through tubes and tunnels, across tracks and bumpers, and into a catch at the end!  Besides the basic materials like tubes and tracks, you will try using random items like bells, and kitchen utensils to bring out your creativity in this tinkering activity.

Field:  Mechanical Engineering/Physics

Electric Carnival
Welcome to the exciting world of electricity!  Using solderless electronics breadboard, switches, connection wires, red and green light emitting and diodes (LED), learn to create working electronic circuits and devices.  Explore concepts such as parallel and series circuits, electrical connections and identifying conductors and insulators. Build electronic devices including a motion detector, tone generator, oscillator, and AM radio.  Learn the roles of amplifiers, resistors, capacitors, transistors as you create a wide variety of electronics projects.   

Field:  Electrical Engineering/Physics

Flight & Aviation Using Virtual Reality
Go places your school bus can’t!  Travel to planet Mars while your feet are still firmly planted on the ground right here on Earth.  Discover amazing marine-life creatures like sharks, whales, coral fish, stingrays!  Then, ask yourself:  What principles of flight and engineering apply to hot air balloons, helicopters, airplanes, and space launching systems?   Concepts of aerospace engineering are investigated as you virtually design, build, test, and analyze results in hands-on projects.  Through flight simulations, explore these concepts in action in the real world.

Field:  Aerospace Engineering/Physics

Mobile App Development 
Learn real-world software development. Using a graphical interface, this introduction to software development will use visual objects to create an application that can run on Android devices.  Creating your very own App will allow you to develop ways to simplify your own life!

Field:  Software Engineering


Music and Drumming
Take a break during lunch and get into the groove!  The rhythms of West African drums will make you want to move – or just relax and listen to the beats.  From improvising your own beats to accompanying stories, to jamming and having a great time, you will love this interactive entertainment!

Field:  Arts

Future Stars of “The Voice”
Like to sing?  During this free period, join the group and get voice lessons from one of New York City’s professional singers!  This is a perfect opportunity for aspiring singers to try out their dream, do what they enjoy and become better at it.  Learn from a professional who's passionate about sharing their love of music and respect for proper voice techniques.

Field:  Arts

Step, Stomp, Hip Hop
This high-energy activity will have you moving as dancers of all experience levels step, stomp, and hop to today’s pop and R&B stars as you learn individual and teamwork skills that evolve into show-stopping numbers!

Field:  Arts


Personalized Learning in Math and Reading
No “Brain Drain” here!  Based upon each child’s Diagnostic Assessment in math and reading given on the first day of attendance, a “Personalized Path to Success” is created identifying specific skills needed for progress to the next levels in each field.  Using blended-learning methods, including personalized instruction, small group activities, games, and computer-based lessons, skill gaps are tackled to develop strategies for improving in those areas.  Children are given both pre- and post-tests to measure progress.  A written comprehensive report is given to parent with results.  Only one subject is addressed in a 2-week period.  Improvements are expected for students who regularly attend for attending at least four (4) weeks.


Creative Arts in Science:  Biomedical and Optical Science

Explore projects that use science for creative solutions.  Explore Biomedical Engineering and the “World of the Microscopic” and applying the engineering design process to the fields of biology and medicine to solve a medical problem.  Or, your team might try Optical Engineering where you bring light to the mysterious caves with hieroglyphics.  One thing is for sure:  You will discover how science and art work together to solve many of the world’s problems.

Field:  Biomedical, Optical

Culinary Science and Microwave Cooking
Turn the kitchen into a personal science lab performing fun science experiments good enough to eat!  From dancing raisins to the science of popcorn, see how chemical reactions add flavor, making delicious creations from pizza to candy that are actually works of pure science magic.  You’ll make and eat tasty, healthy snacks the whole family will love!

Field:  Chemistry

Spa Science
This fun, smell-good, feel-good class helps you take care of your mind and body (as well as your soul!) creating your personal spa!  Learn to really relax through meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness practices that reduce stress.  Then, make your very own line of products like lip balm, soaps, body scrubs and bubble baths.  Create your own fragrances, too!  And, Guys!  Enter the multi-billion dollar world of men’s products by creating your own line from scents to skin cleansers to hair care products. 

Field:  Chemistry

Edible Science
Science you can eat!  Not everything you can eat comes from your kitchen!  Learn about how the food industry is making things more natural and healthier while making them delicious!  From seeing how fermentation of yeast makes delicious pizza to how pollination in flowering plants helps make delicious strawberry jam, explore how nature provides us with plenty of naturally great-tasting foods. 

Field:  Chemistry

Candy Chemistry
Mixing elements of chemistry with world culture and history, this class will teach to you make different flavorful candies and real, decadent, dark chocolate while learning the science behind all those delicious products seen on candy counters and grocery stores.  And mixing sugar syrup at the right concentration and heating it to the right temperature are crucial to making candy.  This process is a delicious art!  But it is also a fascinating and precise science.  When you are making candy, whether you realize it or not, you are a chemist transforming matter from one state to another.

Field:  Chemistry


Xbox Game Creation 
Make games for the Xbox360®!  At your own level, unleash your imaginations as Xbox 360® players become game creators!  Learn easy-to-use game creation techniques and programming skills that make building personal playgrounds simple. You will create games that blossom creativity, foster problem solving, develop storytelling, use programming with ease!  And your game will really work on the Xbox!

Field:  Coding, Behavioral Science

SCRATCH Coding, Game Design, and Animation
Create stories, games, and animations, share with others around the world when you learn to create and code in SCRATCH - a project of the MIT Media Lab!  Program your own interactive stories, games, and animations.  You will learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.

Field:  Coding

Video Game Creation & Animation
Why play someone else’s game when you can make your own? You will use one of the most flexible, powerful, and full-featured authoring tools available today to create superior and impressive multi-level arcade or platform video games.

Field:  Behavioral Science, Design

Minecraft Game Modding and JavaScript
Delve in to the world of Minecraft!  You will see first-hand how changes in programming can alter the game by changing the way blocks, items or mobs (animals or creatures) look, modify or add new landscapes and terrain or new options for things like speed or graphics.  

Field:  Intermediate Coding

3-D Modeling and Special Effects
Create breathtaking 3-D characters and assets in amazing realistic, full-color detail!  Learn professional 3-D modeling, animation, and special effects!  Through the wide array of tools available, you will build your own 3-D objects and learn to make them move using animation.  Then, you will learn to apply special effect techniques used in every major media!

Field:  Graphic Design, Motion Graphics

You Tube Channel Video Production

Build your own brand and become a YouTube star! Work with a team to create an online presence with boundless avenues to express your creativity.  Whether vlogs, instructional pieces, or short films, you will learn solid skills in pre-production and composition capturing footage and editing using the professional tool Adobe Premiere.  Your exciting journey in to this trend in video production begins here. 

Field:  Digital Media

S.T.E.A.M. Summer Camp

Course Descriptions

The Learnatory S.T.E.A.M. Summer Camp

For parents, summer presents a dilemma. You want your child to get outside, play and have a chance to enjoy their vacation. On the other hand, you know how important it is for your child to be ready to start the next school year off strong.

While children really do need some downtime to rest and recharge, summer learning loss is a documentable phenomenon. The National Summer Learning Loss Association found that giving kids the summer off causes them to slip an average of two months of grade-level equivalency. That’s why, if you want your kid to retain their achievement from the previous school year, it’s important to make sure they keep learning and thinking over the summer.

For many parents, The Learnatory can be the perfect solution. Not only do your children retain the routine of going to school, they are continually challenged to pick up new skills and use their problem-solving abilities. Best of all, many kids don’t even realize how much they’re learning when they attend The Learnatory.