STEAM Super Summer Camp!

Bringing Computer Science to Life  Grades 9 - 11  

Learning Path for a Certificate of Excellence

Session 1:  Let's Develop a Website or App!   Part 1  
Students will build a strong foundation learning the basic concepts, tools, and functions to build beautiful and modern websites using HTML5 & CSS3.  After the basics of HTML are established, they dive into the world of cascading style sheets (CSS).   They supercharge their learning by tackling both at the same time.  Web design concepts are also explored as students consider the website or app they will develop in Part 2.

Session 2:   Let's Develop a Website or App!  Part 2 

In Part 2, students collaborate and go into "project mode" to create original solutions to designing a website or app.   From there, they partner with a community organization for whom they will design and implement user interfaces and web-based databases, and code their own modern and beautiful website and/or app.  

Session 3:  Have No Fear!   Coding is Here!
For those with little or no programming experience, gain an understanding of the role computation can play in solving problems. It will develop your confidence in your ability to write small programs that accomplish useful goals. A major focus will be on learning programming concepts.  An introduction to Python will enable you to create your own simple game.

Session 4:  Game Development with Python 
In this fun and comprehensive Python game development class, students will learn how to successfully develop their very own computer game with the Python programming language. Step-by-step, they will learn how to create a game menu, how to develop characters and items, how to make characters move using key commands, and how to input different settings to make their game more challenging and fun!  Students also get a look at the many other applications of Python.  (Pre-requisite:  "Have No Fear!  Coding Is Here!" or basic knowledge of Python.

*Course selections subject to change and every course is not offered every Session.

Bringing Computer Science to Life  Grades 6 - 8 ​

Learning Path for a Certificate of Excellence

NOTE:  Courses may be taken in any order.

Making Python as Easy as Pi

Python reads like kindergarten math!  What do you expect from a programming language named after the British comedy group Monty Python?  Computer science comes to life in this action-packed class that bridges the gap between abstract computing and real-world applications of the Engineering Design Process.  Using the Raspberry Pi, a credit-card sized microcomputer, students will learn how to use Python for a surprising range of exciting do-it-yourself projects.  This is only the beginning . . . 

Session 2:  Robotics and the Internet of Things  
Students will surprise themselves having so much fun applying serious science and learning concepts to design, create, and engineer a robot that functions through the Internet.  They use the same concepts and Raspberry Pi from Session 1 to create projects that include ultra sound, light, touch, and other robotic sensors.  They then use their Python expertise to program their robots making them do amazing things!

Session 3:  Powerful Engineering! 
From the smart phone to the television to the watch on their wrist, your child will see the amazing impact of electrical engineering in this class that continues to build upon coding and robotics.  Applying the Engineering Design Process, your child will grasp the power that comes with building circuits that make bells, buzzers, and connections they design.  The anticipation will build as they apply their circuitry skills and knowledge to design and develop their own incredible projects.

Session 4:  Creating Your Own Wearable Technology 
This oh-so-cool class just got even cooler!   Combining their knowledge of Python, getting robots to follow codes, and learning to create circuits to program personal commands, students now create the next new thing - Wearable Technology!  Using the Engineering Design Process, students build wearable circuits that help create wearable tech from their sneakers to their book bags to the jackets of their dreams. Your child's imagination will come to light as they become part of creating the future!

*Course selections subject to change and every course is not offered every Session.

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