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   Scholarship Opportunities

      The Learnatory connects students with scholarship opportunities, ,     when possible.


     Grades & Evaluation

        Students receive a performance evaluation at the completion of a

        Learnatory course.  This evaluation includes a rubric rating, as well as 

        recommendations for future study.



Recognizing there is no one pathway to success, The Learnatory aims to provide students at various levels with options.  Learnatory programs have unique enrollment requirements designed to match students with opportunities specific to their developmental and enrichment needs.

     Tuition & Fees

     ​The Learnatory offers several programs of varying

         subject areas and length.  Tuition and fees are specific

         to each class and program.



         The Learnatory offers several programs designed to enrich 

         as well as advance, a student's academic experience. 

         Each program has specific eligibility requirements.


     Financial Assistance

      The Learnatory offers need-based financial aid options.