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Financial Aid Opportunities

Financial Aid for Assessments & Inventories

Registrants for The Learnatory seeking financial aid may receive an Assessment & Inventory Waiver.

The Learnatory waives the Testing fee it charges for students who qualify for a federally subsidized program, such as free or reduced-price lunch.

To receive an Assessment and Inventory  fee waiver, students register through The Learnatory online application process or with a paper form and submit a fee-waiver eligibility letter, written on school letterhead and signed by a school official, stating that the student qualifies for a federally subsidized program. The letter should be  faxed to 347-787-0435.  An example of a fee waiver eligibility letter can be found here

Please note the fee waiver eligibility letter must be received by the test registration deadline in order for the registration to be processed for the requested test date.

Test Fee Waiver

The Learnatory offers a limited number of Assessment and Inventories Testing fee waivers, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Any student who requests a fee waiver and submits a fee-waiver eligibility letter (see above) will automatically receive a test fee waiver if one is available. After completing your registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  The Testing Fee is $102.75.

Financial Aid for Academic Programs

Need-based financial aid is available for most academic programs. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Families are encouraged to apply early as the amount of aid available is limited and may be exhausted before the program’s financial aid application deadline.

Application deadlines vary by program. Check the details of your desired program. 

The amount of financial aid awarded to families may vary from partial to full tuition, and awards are based on family income and extenuating circumstances (e.g., loss of a job, unexpected medical expenses, etc.). Most families awarded aid have a total household income of less than $25,000.

To be considered for financial aid, families must complete a program application first and then the appropriate Learnatory Financial Aid Application. You MUST use the Application link. All supporting materials (e.g., tax information, statement of need, etc.) must be included in the financial aid submission in order for an application for financial aid to be considered complete. Incomplete applications are not reviewed.  Information may be uploaded as an attachment or faxed to


The amount of financial aid granted and the balance due are reflected in an email sent to the parent of the applicant. Any outstanding balance must be paid before the start of the program. If a family is unable to pay the balance and must withdraw from the course, they may be eligible to have their $60 application deposit refunded. 

Students are eligible for financial aid for one program/course per session, per child.

Summer Program: Scholarships for Select Technology Courses

Need-based scholarship funds exist for students applying to select technology courses.

See the Scholarship Opportunities page for more information.

Payment Plan

For the Summer Program (two- and three-week programs), up to five-month payment plans are available. To apply, families must submit a completed Payment Plan Application form, available here.  The fee for using the payment plan is $50. Families that are eligible for financial aid will not be assessed the service charge for using the payment plan.

Payment Plan

A payment plan option is available to all families. The payment plan application is available upon enrollment and acceptance to the program.

Families who do not apply or qualify for financial aid are assessed a service charge of $50 for the payment plan. The first payment is due upon acceptance to the program, and subsequent payments are due on the 15th of each month following. Payments must be up to date on opening day in order for students to check in to the program.

Other Sources of Support

We strongly suggest that families with financial need also seek outside support. Accepted students should start soliciting additional funds right away. Local religious or community organizations, businesses, local government offices, friends, and relatives are all potential sources of support. In addition, local schools and private agencies often provide summer scholarships for talented students.


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