STEAM Summer Camp!

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Grades & Evaluation

Performance Evaluations, Transcripts & Syllabi

Performance Evaluations

After completing a course, each student receives a performance evaluation (except iAccelerated Weekend Experience courses). The evaluation includes a rubric rating the student’s skills in core areas, comments on the student’s work in class and recommendations for future study. Evaluations are sent to families via e-mail.

Students in graded courses receive a letter grade.  For all courses at The Learnatory, a grade of C- or better is considered successful completion.


Students may request that The Learnatory send their performance evaluation and an official transcript to their school by indicating this on the program application. Additional transcripts (for college applications, scholarships, etc.) may be requested for a fee using the Transcript Request Form, which is available on The Learnatory website.  View individual program pages to access specific transcript forms.

The Learnatory transcript reflects all courses taken at The Learnatory and all grades, if applicable. 

Students in advanced enrichment courses typically do not require transcripts, since no grades or credit are awarded. Still, students may request that The Learnatory send an official transcript to their school. 


Students receive a course syllabus by the first day of class. The syllabus provides the course description, essential questions, learning objectives and an overview of course activities. For the Summer Program, syllabi are in development until just prior to the first day of class, and most syllabi are not available until then.