STEAM Summer Camp!

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Since 1978, The Learnatory has served over 12,000 youth and teens in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. Through the design, development, and delivery of programs and interdisciplinary activities, The Learnatory has sought to permeate the minds of young people with the curiosity to explore, the confidence to discover, and the character to lead with excellence. ​​

By continually assessing programs, conducting research and surveying participants, The Learnatory aims to move to the forefront of supplemental education for the college-bound student.  Today, The Learnatory serves the college-bound community through weekend, summer, and assessment programs, as well as a multitude of resources for families and educators, supporting students Grade 3 through 9.


I am glad that I discovered The Learnatory STEAM Program. I believe that my child has an edge and an advantage that has shifted, if not broadened, his educational path. As a parent, The Learnatory has made me a believer!

I see a change in my child after three sessions with The Learnatory. The subjects, the instructors, and the atmosphere settled my child’s learning experience. He is so inspired after each class session, that he wants to join the next.

I am glad that I have found the right educational fit and I look forward to where it takes my son. This is my child’s pre-college experience. I am so smiling. Why? I see the possibilities into his future. Thank you, Learnatory.

— Loriann Ricketts-Howerton, Parent

The Learnatory is proud of its history of serving the college-bound community with passion and excellence.


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