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     Students come to the The Learnatory at various     

    developmental stages and are encouraged to follow

    their passions, while discovering new ones. 

Acquiring Foundational  Knowledge

The Learnatory Pathways

Dynamic Pathways for College-Bound Learners: The Learnatory’s signature approach to interests, skills development, and resources 

Career Exploration

Typical Age

The Learnatory offers personalized approaches, or Pathways, to academic growth, student development, and college matriculation.  These Pathways help guide students and families promoting intellectual, emotional and social growth from exploring interests to  developing critical skills.  Students grow academically while parents develop resources  meeting at the intersection of scholastic and financial readiness.

Cultivating Joy of Learning

Advanced Level Coursework

Acceleration & Enrichment


Like-minded Peers

The Pathways Concept

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High Achievement

All Content-Based Pathways Are Based Upon Four Components:

Assessment, Evaluation & Analysis 

The Learnatory offers research-based assessment to identify academic ability, interest in STEAM fields, Multiple-Intelligence Assessment, measure growth,  set academic goals, and connect students to resources and experiential learning opportunities to foster and promote interest in STEAM.

A one-on-one meeting is held with each student and their parent to discuss the results of the Assessments prior to the preparation of the College Preparation & Recommendation Report.


Talents and Interests Identification

At the foundation of The Learnatory’s approach are the Math and Multiple Intelligence Assessments for students in grades 3 through 9, and a Career Interest Inventory for students in grades 6 through 9. This information provides a more accurate assessment of their interests and abilities. A Prescribed Educational Program (PEP) is created for each student with the goal of solid preparation for and excellence in the next milestone in their academic career.

Participation in the Assessments gives students confidence, provides information and resources necessary to develop their interests and skill sets, helps them make wise academic choices, and sets appropriate educational goals.

College Preparation & Recommendation Report 

For Students

The Learnatory supports a student's college acceptance process by constructing and recommending a plan for the student consisting of components typically desired by competitive colleges:

  • A challenging high school curriculum with emphasis on core subjects (English, math, science, social science, foreign language).
  • Grades that represent strong effort and an upward trend: Slightly lower grades in a rigorous program are preferred to all A’s in less challenging courses.
  • Solid scores on the SAT or ACT - consistent with high school grades: High scores do not compensate for low grades.
  • Passionate involvement in extracurricular activities, demonstrating leadership, initiative, impact, and an angle: Depth, not breadth, of experience is most important. 
  • Meaningful use of free time: Out-of-school experiences could include summer activities, work, and hobbies that reflect responsibility, dedication, and areas of interest are included on the student résumé.

To complement student college applications, The Learnatory helps them create a detailed résumé to showcase activities.

For Parents

The Learnatory helps parents better understand their role in planning the college selection and admissions process for children beginning in 3rd grade.  Parents develop a long-term plan through looking at both the preparation required by their child and themselves as presented in the College Preparation and Recommendation Report. 

When successfully working in harmony, student and parents meet at the intersection of academic and financial readiness.

Personalized Educational Programs (PEP)

Learnatory programs help students in grades 3 through 9 set ambitious learning goals and realize the full potential of their talents. The Learnatory offers a complimentary suite of academic and enrichment classes with varying duration and subject matter. 

The common denominator among The Learnatory program is exceptional STEAM-focused instruction. All Learnatory classes engage students in active learning experiences matched to their identified abilities; inspire a love of learning and a desire for self-development; welcome participants into a community of motivated peers who value scholarship, academic achievement and creativity; and promote the development of autonomous, disciplined approaches to learning.

The Learnatory PEP's provide academic support through:

  • Saturday Enrichment Classes
  • Accelerated 2-Day Classes
  • Summer Camps    
  • Personalized Math Classes
  • Pre-AP Prep Classes  (Grades 3 – 5)
  • Pre-AP Classes (Grades 6 – 8)     
  • College Test Prep Classes
  • After-School Program    
  • Home School Program ​​



Collaborate with Like-minded Peers

Exposure and
of Subjects


   Guided by assessments that brings students strengths

   and interests into focus, the core of our approach is

   enriched and, in many cases,  accelerated

   programming designed to develop skills and talents

   over time.

Interest Area Focus

The Learnatory's signature approach profiles student interests, talents, and skills to guide development for multiple pathways guiding students and families through the journey of intellectual, emotional and social growth toward college matriculation.  

Serving more than 12,000 students since 1978, The Learnatory has evolved from a single After-School Tutoring program to a Pathway-creation operation that includes:

     1.  Assessment, Evaluation & Analysis 

     2.  Talents and Interests Identification 

     3.  College Preparation & Recommendation Report 

     4.  Personalized Educational Programs (PEP)


The Learnatory Pathways:​ "Explore, Discover, Develop" 

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Explore.  Discover.  Develop.


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