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​Developing the Curiosity to Explore, the Confidence to Discover, and the Character to Build with Excellence. sm

Session 1

October 28 - December 23, 2017  (No classes Saturday, November 25, 2017)


The Grade Levels are RECOMMENDED.  If you think your child has an interest and capability to produce in a class outside the stated grade level, you may register for that class.    The teacher will make a determination as to whether the student will be successful with the course content by the second class.  Should the teacher determine the material is inappropriate for your child, another class will be recommended.  There is no refund for withdrawing from any class.  

PLEASE NOTE: Class(es) subject to cancellation due to low enrollments or other factors.  Fees & Tuition are non-refundable unless the class is cancelled.  

Session 4

May 5, 2018 - June 23, 2018  (No classes Saturday, May 26, 2018)

​Schedule To Be Announced

Saturday Schedule

October 28, 2017 - June 23, 2018

St. Francis College   180 Remsen   Brooklyn, NY

Session 3

March 3 - April 28, 2018  (No classes Saturday, March 31, 2018)

​Schedule To Be Announced

Register Now for Saturday Classes in Brooklyn, NY

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Session 2

January 6 - February 24, 2018  (No classes Saturday, December 30, 2017)

Schedule To Be Announced