STEAM Summer Camp!

Flight & Aviation Using Virtual Reality                 

What principles of flight and engineering apply to hot air balloons, helicopters, airplanes, and space launching systems?   Discover as you design, build, test, and analyze results in hands-on projects and flight simulations.

Talent Show Day!

​Take out your dancing shoes and open you singing and dancing talents!  Get ready to jump into this Showcase of the Arts sharing with new friends the fun of self-expression!  Go for it!

Game Day!

​Let spend some time just playing games!  Think they're easy? Try the Kite Challenge, Indoor Bowling, Scavenger Hunts, Balloon Tennis, Indoor Golf, and more!  Meet the challenge!

Special Theme Days give campers a chance to express, explore, and engage themselves in activities outside of traditional STEAM classes.  Through a variety of fun-filled ideas, Special Theme Days give each camper the opportunity for input make these activities exciting and full of creativity! 

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Special Theme Days

St. Joseph College  McEntegart Hall, 222 Clinton Ave 

Clinton Hills, Brooklyn, NY  11205  347-787-0435

Designer Day

​Try your hand at designing your own shirt or jewelry.  From designing to blueprinting to creating, take the steps to produce something you create as a special memory of this summer!