STEAM Super Summer Camp!

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I just wanted to tell you this story of my son.  He is almost done with his second 10-week session at GenTech (The Learnatory in Chicago).  His first day of class he woke me up at 5:00 am telling me that it’s time for me to get up and get ready to leave for school.

I told him that it’s still dark outside and we have a lot of time before you need to be there.  As time went on and I finally woke up, he was all set and ready to leave.  He even gave me my keys.

His older brother picked him up and when I got home, he couldn’t wait to tell me about his video game design class.  As he is ending his second session, he is till very excited about going to GenTech.  Not that he wakes me up at 5 am in the morning anymore, but he is ready to go almost 2 hours before we have to leave.

I have never seen him so excited about school before and I wanted to let you know how excited he still is about it.

Mrs. Purdom
Son, 14 years old

My daughter loves her GenTech class!

Mrs. Partelow
Daughter, 12 years old

My son will be back in the Fall . . . He got more out of GenTech classes than he ever has out of anything I ever signed him up for.  Now, he’s making games on his own, and making movies with his friends on a digital camera.  He wants to take the Cinematography class in the Fall.”


Mrs. Herman
Son, 16 years old

We really enjoyed the (Performance Showcase) presentation on Saturday.  It’s apparent that our son is learning a lot but having a great time in the process.


Mrs. Arrigo

Son, 14 years old

I am 11 years old and I like going to GenTech because it is a fun way to start learning a career.  I also enjoy the other students because they are friendly and we have a lot in common.

11 years old

What did you like most about the classes?  


What did you like least about the classes?



​Age 10

Summer, 2017

GenTech is pretty cool.  If I get up to go t something at 7 am on a Saturday morning, it must be pretty cool  I’m learning to do things kids my age can’t do like make video games and animations.  I am going to start making Apps for the iPhone soon!  I think this is a really good program – and it is fun.  No stress.

16 years old

I liked the Green Screen class!  And, I liked Robert, Joey, Kareem, Marcus, and Khadija.  The camp was nice.  I liked the Candy Making (using sugars and string) and Green Screen classes, and Unity and App Development.  I also liked Flight and Aviation (simulations on the computer).  P.S.  Burn this afterwards.  I hate writing but I did this anyways.


​Summer, 2017

Enclosed is the copy of the DVD as promised.  “The Kindlon Slip” and “The Jonathan Lee Project” (student-produced movies) are on the disc.  Rick says he will always cherish the time he spent at GenTech.  He has taken what he learned and applied it to several projects at his school.

Again, my family and I would like to thank you and GenTech for all you have done in Rick’s life.  I would encourage all parents and students to give GenTech a try.  You never know, you just might produce the next great Hollywood producer, writer, editor or director.

Thank you so much for all your help and continued supporting our son’s life.


The Wallaces

Son, 16 years old

​*The Learnatory is GenTech in Chicago, Illinois since 2009.

This summer in The Learnatory, I really enjoyed everything.  If I stayed home, I wouldn't of had this much fun.  I enjoyed learning Spa Science and Kitchen Chemistry (learning how popcorn pops and about chemical reactions like with baking soda and vinegar) the most.  I also liked meeting new people and learning many things with them.  This is one of the best experiences ever!  I liked how the teachers would say "You can do it!" and they are very fun to work with.  To be honest, I don't have a least favorite class.  I love (them) all!


​Age 8

Summer, 2017

What Our Parents and Students Say About Us!

My friend and I both go to GenTech and we are always the first ones there because we like it!  I made an animation about fashion design, and my friend made one about shopping.  We like going to college on Saturdays and learning the same things they learn in college.  We like GenTech so much we made up a cheer about it.

Nyrea and Alay
9 years old

I liked making pixels and Spa Science (with sugars and olive oils) with Robert and Khadija (teachers).


Age 10

Summer, 2017

My son was part of the GenTech* family from 2nd grade to 7th grade. He's graduating from HS next year and as we prepare his college essays we realized GenTech and Debra's work became the impetus for his love and passion for STEM. GenTech was just a start-up when he began but it taught him methodology, programming and building. Most importantly, Debra's work, empathy and drive made my child and many others successful. Debra is an innovator and ahead of the curve.

Oct. 5, 2017
12:30 pm

*Formerly GenTech in Chicago, Illinois 2006 - 2015.