The Learnatory immersive learning experience prepares students in grades 1st thru 11th for 21st century colleges, careers, and entrepreneurial opportunities by:

  • sparking curiosity, 
  • boosting self-confidence, and
  • building strong skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) ​

Developing the Curiosity to Explore, the Confidence to Discover, and the Character to Build with Excellence. sm

How Are We Different From Ordinary STEM Classes?

But don't worry!   

Your child will be having too much fun

to notice that they're learning!​​​ sm

Why The Learnatory?

1.  We identify each child's strengths, "soft-spots", and interests

     relating to STEAM through Math Diagnostic and Multiple 

     Intelligence Assessments.

2.  We create a Personalized Project Plan (3-P) for each child with

     specific, measurable objectives.

3.  We provide parents with an Evaluative Checklist of STEAM

     Skills their child has been taught in each class showing just

     how well their child learned and applied them.

4.  We provide a data-based analysis of each child's growth and

     development in each STEAM class taken.

5.  We take a global approach with project- and inquiry-based

     applied learning. 

6.  We provide opportunities for each child to Explore, Discover,

     and Build in several STEAM fields - not just one.​​​ 

7.  We embed World-Class Standards and "Best Practices in STEAM

     Education" throughout our entire organization.

Proudly Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence in Educational Enrichment

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The Learnatory S.T.E.A.M. Program

E X P L O R E.    D I S C O V E R.    B U I L D.

What Do We Offer?

A Winning Approach Toward STEAM Education

The Learnatory

 It's All About The Experience!sm

In-School.  After-School.  Saturdays.  Summers.



OCTOBER 28 - DECEMBER 23, 2017

Contact us to plan now for your 2018 Summer Camp

In Chicago and New York City        347-787-0435

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  • Over 50 STEAM courses with College-Based Content Simplified to School-Level Understanding

  • 7 Interactive Project-Based, Result-Oriented Tracks Founded in Investigative Explorations and Applied Learning 

  • Diagnostic Testing in Math with a Full Parent Report

  • 8:1 Student to Teacher Ratio with Individualized, Personalized Instruction

  • 2 Cross-Functional Interdisciplinary Instructors in Every Class​ Maximizing the Advantages of Team-Teaching and Optimizing Student Engagement

  • Highly-Talented, Passionate Instructors with Professional Working Experience in Their Field

  • Integrated in the Summer Camp:

                  "How To Learn, Study, and Think Enrichment 
                  Curriculum" for all grades 1st - 11th
                  IBM "P-TECH Workplace Learning Curriculum" 
                  for grades 6th - 11th

  • Learning objectives relevant to academic or 
    career pursuits in high-demand STEAM fields

  • Using Best Practices Aligned with World-Class Learning Standards - not just Common Core

  • Engineering Design Process & Action Research Model Skills Development

  • A Powerful Career-Aptitude Inventory for students in Grades 6th - 11th

  • Multiple Intelligence Pedagogy

  • 10-Year Track Record with Proven Results